Thursday, January 27, 2011

App review: Jasuto pro modular synthesizer

I've played around with Jasuto modular synthesizer for a while; however, I had bought it before the creator had released the pro version. Eh. It was still lots of fun, but I was missing a few key operations which I wanted, particularly an operation that converted a signal to a control value. 

Jasuto Pro recently lowered its price to $1.99; so, of course, I bought it, being the cheap bastard I am. I remembered that it is an amazing little synth builder. The range of modules is wonderful, and the wiring procedure is nice. Being used to MaxMSP, I often wish that there was a simple way to analyze the signals - something like the [number~] object in MSP, or at least some sort of oscilloscope. There is, however, a visualization of the waves going in and out of each module; but this is a bit too small and inaccurate for my liking. 

To give you an idea of the simplicity and feel of Jasuto, here is a simple FM synth:

The module cut off at the bottom is a simple speaker out.

A great thing about Jasuto is the motion control. The location of each object in respect to the other objects is able to control a parameter of the object. One is able to move around an object, and loop that motion. It's a great tactile method of parameter control that agrees with the touchscreen interface. 

With the Pro version comes the ability to control objects with OSC input. This is great, but I really wish Jasuto would include backgrounding, so that I could use TouchOSC on the same device for on-the-go testing...

All in all, though, a great modular synth for iOS. If you know your stuff, this will be a great tool for sound creation. Even if you're new to synthesis, a look at some of the documentation and the examples will have you making cool sounds in no time. 

Jasuto is currently 99¢, and Jasuto Pro is $4.99. Both are available at the iOS App Store. 


Clarence Miller said...

cool dood

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Fang said...

I still have a bit of iTunes Store credit left.. Might just pick it up, looks awesome!

jonwinters said...

there's a jasuto android app as well! yeeeh

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