Thursday, January 27, 2011

been a while

Heh, if by a while I mean a small amount of time that no one cares about.

did you know that you can buy a shitload of bees for crazy cheap? (which reminds me of a certain eddie izzard sketch)

this blog is all over the place, yo. whatever. it's just how i am.

C A V E  S T O R Y

is fucking hard at times. my morning consisted of trying to play through the sanctuary, failing, and then giving up and rocketing to the moon to impale myself upon the flag of our forefathers so glorious in their 


Fang said...

"so glorious in their" I think you got kind of cut of there. Soundtrack sounds interresting, might check it out. Maybe a bit too bit-y for my tastes nowadays, though

balmfooey said...

hah, it was more like i was overcome with the frustration and rage quit out of blogger

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