Tuesday, January 11, 2011

adsense and copyrighted materials

i like to share poetry on my blogs. this is the first time i've started using adsense. does anyone know if sharing relatively copyrighted poetry here would cause problems with google?

blah. copyright is antiquated. (although open-source and the likes are often badly implemented... [i'm really tired, don't call me out on that])


Clarence Miller said...

perhaps if you attached a LINK to original content, which might further work in your favor ;)
thanks for the comment, perhaps you would like to follow?
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Jimmy Fungus said...

It could cause you a problem if someone contacts google and complains. But I think in 99% of cases the poet is probably just grateful that someone is taking an interest in their work..Like Clarence said, just give the author credit, and perhaps plug their books and websites, and include a link to the original content, and you are really doing them a favor, so if they complain about it they are just a schmuck. (Perhaps you could leave a note for anyone that has an issue to e-mail you and you will take the offending post down.)

Clarence Miller said...

Hey back again. you figured out all your stuff BOW CHOW?

head over ma man i got new info especially awesome for new blogger efficiency

also turn off captcha (word verification) on posts under comments or post section. makes it easier on us to comment on your sweet blog


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