Saturday, January 29, 2011

App review: Ecoute

 iTunes, while a nice app, can tend to get cluttered with larger libraries. Its window takes up a large portion of the screen; which, for obsessive people like myself, can become a problem for productivity. With the advent of the iBookstore and the App Store, the usage of iTunes has become bloated.

Enter Ecoute.

Ecoute, from PixiApps, is a minimalistic, powerful media player for Mac OS X. Taking on the UI theme of a bevy of new Mac apps such as Twitter for Mac and Pixelmator, Ecoute features a collection of rounded dark elements, relying on the small and understated to achieve its aesthetic charm.

Ecoute allows the user to have a desktop controller, similar to that of CoverSutra. Shown here is the Bapt├¬me theme; although not currently in full use, PixiApps aims to have a full theme center where one will be able to download themes and switch them in Ecoute. There are currently a handful of themes available for download on their homepage. 

Ecoute allows synchronization to, Twitter, and Facebook. While I'm not one for trumpeting my music to my Facebook or Twitter, the "Now Playing" and scrobbling integration is very nice (and was effectively the last nail in the coffin for CoverSutra). Ecoute also has support for the Apple (physical) remote and Growl notifications.

Plus, the icon is eons better 
than that of iTunes 10. 
(Yeah, that's live artwork.)

Ecoute is available for $10 from the creator or from the Mac App Store. There is a free demo available on the creator's page.


Fang said...

iTunes' functionality is unmissable to me. I can't live without its smart playlists, easy tagging, and so on. Only downside being it can't play FLAC, but I can easily convert FLAC to ALAC without quality loss. (Yes, I'm kind of an audiophile. Please don't judge me D: )

Clarence Miller said...

itunes sucks peen

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Blunders From 6 Foot 2 said...

I don't mind iTunes but like to try new stuff, I'll check this one out for sure!


JDUB316 said...

hmm seems like a nice app. I personally use Songbird. It's not ideal, but it's light.

Anonymous said...

Pixelmator is a great alternative to Photoshop !

jonwinters said...

i don't really mind itunes, but i haven't updated it in years so mine looks rather basic.

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